JustBeenPaid JSS-Tripler Spreadsheet Calculator

I have had numerous requests of late to provide a JustBeenPaid JSS-Tripler Spreadsheet Calculator.

Even though something similar is available through JustBeenPaid on the website people have been wanting it in excel format and something a bit easier to use.

This enables you to enter in the details of how much you plan to put into JustBeenPaid and it will auto calculate daily earnings and the like. It is an actually a really easy to use spreadsheet.

JustBeenPaid Spreadsheet

The JustBeenPaid JSS-Tripler Spreadsheet Calculator  has Active Positions, Accrued Daily Income, Available Balance, New Funding, Number of Triplers you can afford now.  How many Triplers to buy with Earnings and JSS Banked Cash.

It also states Daily Income, Weekly Income and Monthly Income in a format which allows you to see everything in an easy to read and understand format.

As I had to pay for the spreadsheet and people are requesting it. I have decided to have it available on the site here for less than what I had paid for it – Download the JustBeenPaid JSS-Tripler Spreadsheet here.

You may find this on the internet, but ALL the sites I looked either requested you to pay for it at a premium, do surveys or be tied into some advertising / spam system which I would rather not sign up for.

>> Download the JustBeenPaid JSS-Tripler Spreadsheet <<