Just Been Paid Exposed

This explains in detail as to what the Just Been Paid Program is all about.

Further information and a brief summary of the Just Been Paid Program can be found here – What is Just Been Paid?

This is a very simple, almost automated on-line business.

• We purchase advertising positions (called JSS Tripler positions) with JBP at $10 increments. JBP pay us 2% a day for 75 days on our Tripler positions; that’s a 50% return on our
purchase over the 75 days.

• The first 60 days you essentially make you money back, and the next 25 days you can consider this as your profit. We also have the ability to continue to purchase JSS Tripler
positions with our 2% income on a daily basis to compound our daily income over time.

• JBP use this money to buy bulk advertising and sell it at a profit and share this profit with us and they use the money to fund referral fees to sponsors.

• JBP also pay JBP members a referral fee on deposits any level 1 and level 2 JSS Tripler position purchase made by their down line (10% and 5% respectively)

If you purchase $1,000 of positions, JustBeenPaid will pay you 2% a day for 75 days. That’s a  payment of $1,500 back to you, including a $500 or 50% profit over 75 days.

It’s not a scam, I know people who have been in this business for almost a year now and they get pay 2% a day, every day on their purchased position.

And if this is not for you, then I totally understand. I just wanted you to know how the math works and that it’s not a scam. The company have a $1 million dollar reward for anyone that can find a mathematical flaw in their system.

The first part of this program is pretty much automated. Once you fund your account you get paid 2% per day for 75 days on each Tripler position purchased. I got started with just under $1,000, and I get paid 2% every day, 7 days a week. This system has been running for well over a year now. My good friend who introduced me to this is now making over $600 a day, only 5 months after starting small. Some of his members are putting in up to $10K which helps.

Only put in what you can really afford to lose… (Just in case). Your risk is really only in the first 50 days, as this is how long it takes to make what you originally put in. The next 25 days is the profit. You can reinvest as you go, our pull your funds out… The choice is yours.

Here is some info for you to digest, and feel free to email me if you have any questions.

There is obviously a referral business behind this, and my goal is to create a passive income of over $10,000 a month by June 2013 and help others do the same if they feel this is an opportunity for them.

Does JustBeenPaid work?

Yes, it does! JSS Tripler (the flagship program in JustBeenPaid) has been paying since February 2011. And the main program, JustBeenPaid has been paying since Jan 2010. Members can cash out daily and get paid to their payment processor usually within 24-48 hours, normally sooner.

 Can I do it?

Yes. Members ranging from seasoned marketers to newbies have been earning a daily income for many, many months now. You can certainly do it too. We will share a step by step guide with our referrals on how to make money with JSS Tripler. You do not need to be marketer to start earning as no sponsoring required to start earning.

JSS Tripler rewards well its members who share JSS Tripler with their contacts. You can get rewarded with 10% Level 1 referral bonus and 5% Level 2 referral bonus. However, NO

 Is JSS Tripler a scam?

JSS Tripler has been paying since February 2011.JustBeenPaid has been online and paying since Jan/Feb 2010. Our requests for payments have been honoured. All our cash outs have been paid in time.

 Is it true you can earn without sponsoring?

Yes. With JSS Tripler every member can earn in less than 24 hours after starting their participation, even without any sponsoring.

If you do sponsor, you will earn referral bonus as follows:-

Level 1 = 10%
Level 2 = 5%.

 When can I get started?

Right NOW!!

E-mail me and or request the Just Been Paid Make Money in 24 Hours Guide Here.


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