JustBeenPaid Update Day 77

Hi All,

I hope you are all well and JustBeenPaid has been working as good for you as it is for me.  As you know from my recent updates on the 2nd of August I put in $15,000 into JustBeenPaid.

I just wanted to give you all an update onto how things are going, what I am making a day, and what my next plans are.

My next steps are to upgrade to Level 1 of the JustBeenPaid program. This will happen within the next few days seeing I am onto Day 77 currently and my initial triplers will be expiring.

JSS-TriplerI currently have over 1879 positions which includes only 69 of my initial 275 positions I had before the restart. 75% of my positions converted to JSS positions (206 Positions in total). This reduced my daily earnings from $55.00 a day initially to $13.80 a day.

HOWEVER… The upside of this that I received a cash payout of $29.40 and 42 JSS Positions (Worth $60 Each).

This brings my earnings before putting in the extra $15,000 from $1772 to $3002! Nearly double! 

Now to the $15,000 I put into the program. I am currently earning $370 a day including my original positions put in and I am using this to purchase new positions EVERY day and will continue to do so until around Christmas where by then I should by within 3 months be earning $39,000 a month.  This was calculated using the JustBeenPaid Calculator. If I then apply the strategy of withdrawing 1/3 of that a month and then repurchashing with 2 /3 of that amount it should give me an income of $13,000 a month!

I invite you to trial the FREE $10 and see for yourself that you too can be making this sort of money with little to no effort! I literally only login for a few minutes a day (not even that) and purchase new JSS Tripler Positions.

Wishing you all the best in your journey!


5 Responses to “JustBeenPaid Update Day 77”

  1. olufunmi says:

    hi, i just want to let you know that justbeenpaid calculator calculation is wrong. Dont base your expectation on that. If u start in jss tripler with initial 2 positions and u keep repurchashing .After a year u will have 115 positions assuming no restart affect u. Ur earning from d calculator is $1953.05 which is not correct your earning should be $595 i.e (115positions * $5 + $20(your initial 2 positions) since each position gives u $5 profit. If you understand my calculation, pls say bravo else comment ur views. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Your calculations are incorrect. If you use the JustBeenPaid calculator on the JustBeenpaid site you will find that if you started with $20 today (2 Positions) and repurchased for 366 days. You will have 116 positions (115 positions for 365 days) and a total earnings of $1,978.95. Where are you getting the $595 from?

      Your Initial Fund from Day 1 was $20 U.S. Dollars
      You deposited an additional $0 to date
      for a Total Deposit of $20

      You have withdrawn a total of $0.00 to date
      and have a final Cash Balance of $28.95

      As of Aug 14, 2013, you have 116 Active Positions
      providing Daily Earnings of $23.20 on weekdays and $17.40 on weekends.

      Your Total JSS-Tripler Daily Earnings : $1,978.95

      Earnings Used to Repurchase: $1,970.00
      Earnings Withdrawn : $0.00

  2. Marky says:

    i think you calculator in JBP is that you used to see only the potential earnings but the most vital is that JBP has a restart if you got $20 and 100% repurchase dont expect that your positions will be more and more when the restart comes it will be decreased as the restart always happen every 90 days or sometimes like 2 months so we cannot guarantee of what calculators calculated its because JBP’s calculator does not include the restart..for me i dont rely with the calculator instead do my own strategy for a preparation of restart

    • admin says:

      I agree with you on that Marky. You will have a restart possibly three in a year so your JSS Tripler daily earnings will decrease. However they will be convered to JSS Positions so when they are placed you will earn more than your initial JSS Tripler positions. The only thing it does affect is your initial daily earnings. What do you find to be successful in order to prepare for a restart?

  3. Hon says:

    Kudos admin if you fund $15,000! You will have a lot of money! Don’t you know that (Justbeenpaid 2.0) is ready to be released soon? prepare your budget, huge are coming!

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