JustBeenPaid Restart – What is it?

JustBeenPaid Restart What Is it? It is the question of the day as we have just had a “Restart” today the 31/07/2012.

So I thought I would answer some of the questions that are on your mind as we find JSS-Tripler positions being converted.

Q1. What is the JSS-Tripler Restart Feature?
The JSS-Tripler Restart Feature (otherwise known as RSF or Restart), is simply a conversion of some of your JSS-Tripler positions into JSS-Matrix positions. It’s the essential feature that makes this system indefinitely sustainable. Without the Restart Feature, JSS-Tripler would eventually fail, just like practically all other high-return programs online

Q2. How do I get email updates/alerts about an upcoming Restart?
All JBP members will receive email updates from Frederick Mann (owner & creator of JBP) on a weekly basis. These email updates will include Restart “account cut-off date” and “position cut-off date” amongst other important details. If you are NOT already receiving these email updates, Click Here to watch the video that walks through the quick process of checking your spam folder and adding the JBP emails to your Contacts list (to start receiving JBP email updates to your Inbox).

Q3. Do ALL JSS-Tripler accounts participate in a Restart (if not, how do I know if I’m eligible)?
NO it does not affect ALL accounts. Generally, a Restart will NOT be applied to our newest members. Typically, a Restart will not affect new JSS-Tripler accounts during their first “10-25 days” of starting (purchasing JSS-Tripler positions). The “10-25 days” is a variable parameter to be determined for each Restart (under “normal circumstances” this most likely will not change).

Q4. Will I earn the same amount of money (or more), as a result of a Restart (and how)?
YES. Before a Restart, members basically earn triple the funds they’ve used to purchase JSS-Tripler positions (example: $10 turns into $30, hence the term Tripler). During a Restart, part of your “Cash Amount Due” (or CAD) is simply converted into JSS-Matrix positions earlier than normal. Converting part of your CAD into JSS-Matrix positions, effectively triples part of the CAD. Plus, you may also get more JSS-Matrix positions than you would have gotten through the normal process of your JSS-Triplers expiring (after 81 days) – Earning you more $60 rebates than you were actually entitled to, giving you higher earnings overall.

(See the Restart Feature Explained page for more details on how you can earn more after a Restart).

Q5. What’s the best way to increase my earnings after a Restart?
Purchase and Re-purchase JSS-Tripler positions using daily earnings and/or new funding: Funding & Re-purchasing
Cycle your Matrixes as fast as possible, to earn recurring $60 rebates: Matrix Training Videos
Refer as many people to JBP as you can, to earn INSTANT referral commissions: Marketing Training

Q6. What can I do to cycle my JSS-Matrix positions more quickly?
This is covered in detail within the JSS-Matrix Training page (videos included).

Q7. When re-purchasing using daily earnings, will I lose any of the “re-purchasing effect” after a Restart?
NO. The Restart calculations are based on your total JSS-Tripler positions, irrespective of whether you bought them via re-purchasing using daily earnings and/or newly added funds (from your payment processors).

Q8. Do I keep my existing referrals after a Restart?
YES. And you’ll continue to earn normal instant commissions when your referrals buy JSS-Tripler and/or JSS-Matrix positions.

Q9. After a Restart will JSS-Tripler continue generating new JSS-Matrix positions?
YES. Your remaining JSS-Tripler positions will continue expiring as normal (after 81 days). So for every 4 (four) JSS-Tripler positions that expire, you’ll automatically get 1 (one) JSS-Matrix position, as long as you Upgrade/Renew to JBP Level 1 (only $15 every 3 months), BEFORE any of your JSS-Triplers expire. Upgrading 1 day before your Triplers start expiring (or sooner) is ok.

Q10. Do I need to Upgrade/Renew to Level 1 before I can get JSS-Matrix positions converted by a Restart?
NO. Your JBP account does NOT need to be upgraded/renewed to Level 1 to get JSS-Matrix positions converted by a Restart, this will happen automatically for accounts that are eligible to participate in a Restart, regardless.

Q11. How often are Restarts expected to happen?
Restarts in general cannot be predicted ahead of time, as it depends on many factors relating to how many members, member activity, funds brought in and out, etc. Restarts may be anywhere from 3-6 months apart (less or more in “abnormal circumstances”).

Q12. When is the best time to buy new JSS-Tripler positions?
It’s always a good time to buy new positions, however, you may have a bigger advantage immediately before and after a Restart. These dates will be announced in an email update.

Q13.  Due to the rapid growth of JSS-Tripler, which considerably slowed down the response times of JSS-Tripler servers in August 2011 (which the program owner summarized as “We’ve been the victims of our own success!”), the program owner suspended normal business operations through the end of August and part of September 2011 in order to upgrade to bigger-capacity servers to handle the increased traffic load (which required taking the smaller-capacity servers offline). How does this fact relate to your business decision to invoke the JSS-Tripler Restart Feature during this time period?
The basic formula JSS-Tripler uses is to apply 80% of funds received to pay unexpired positions. This means that every position bought enables JSS-Tripler to pay 40 positions for a day. If there is server downtime (or an “offline period”) for an extended period of time, for example (and, as was the case in Aug/Sept 2011), then the basic formula of JSS-Tripler can not be sustained and the Restart Feature needs to then be invoked. Also, be sure to read the (general) JSS-Tripler FAQ. In the (general) JSS-Tripler FAQ, there is a good discussion in financial terms, as to how the Restart Feature keeps JSS-Tripler indefinitely sustainable.

Q14. If a Restart is applied to my account, how will it affect my earnings?

The tables below give a good example of how this works, and are based on 5 specific assumptions that are spelled out below the tables…

Positions and Potential Earnings Before A Restart
Cash JSS-Tripler Positions 2% Daily Earnings JSS-Tripler Earnings No. of Matrixes JSS-Matrix Earnings Total Earnings
100 (or $1,000) $1,000 x 2% = $20 75 x $20 = $1,500 25 25 x $60 = $1,500 $3,000
Positions and Potential Earnings After A Restart (at 40% converted)
Cash JSS-Tripler Positions 2% Daily Earnings JSS-Tripler Earnings No. of Matrixes JSS-Matrix Earnings Total Earnings
$75 60 (or $600) $600 x 2% = $12 75 x $12 = $900 41 41 x $60 = $2,460 $3,435

NOTE: Comparing the “Total Earnings” in both of the above tables, shows that as a result of our Restart Feature, the total earnings will be much higher!

Assumption #1: The “Basic Conversion Percentage” (BCP) is 40% or less, meaning that 40% (or less) of your existing JSS-Tripler positions will be converted into cash and JSS-Matrix positions, valued at $20 each. (In practice an “Applied Conversion Percentage” (ACP) will be applied to your specific account. Your ACP will most likely be lower than the BCP, depending on your JSS-Tripler account size and/or profits).

Assumption #2: For your positions to be converted the “Cash Amount Due” (CAD) is the amount you would still have to earn before these positions mature. The tables assume that your CAD is 75% (half of 150%) of your “total daily earnings” (In practice your CAD may be higher or lower than 75%, depending on how much you’ve earned so far).

Assumption #3: You receive 10% of your CAD in cash credited to your main JSS account (you can withdraw this cash or use it to buy more positions, it’s your choice).

Assumption #4: The rest of your CAD is converted into JSS-Matrix positions at a rate of $20 per position (any cash left over is added to your main JSS account cash balance).

Assumption #5: The earnings from your JSS-Matrix positions will be $60 each (some of these may be $55 or $50 depending on whether the system automatically gives you Placement loans or not – See Matrix Training Videos for more details on Placement loans and how to maximize your earnings).


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