My JustBeenPaid Update Day 66

Well it only seems like yesterday I was told about JustBeenPaid and what it can do for you. As mentioned in previous posts I started the JustBeenPaid program on the 22nd May 2012. So today I have now been in the program 66 days in total.

I started by putting in $1000 into the program to see how it would work at the rate of 2% per day I was sceptical but thought I would see out the initial 90 days to see how things go.

As of today my daily income is just over $80 and I buy 8 new positions a day growing my positions in JustBeenPaid every day. I seriously cannot believe how simple this program is to make money (2%) every day without fail.

Just Been PaidIn exactly 66 days I now made over double the initial funding of $1000 into JustBeenPaid  ($2373.00) .  This is in ONLY 66 days.

It has been an absolute amazing journey and I am happy I have joined the JustBeenPaid program. I really want to extend an open invitation to anyone looking at joining this program and making a real difference to your life.  All you need to do is download our ABSOLUTELY FREE PDF Guide which will go through step by step on how you too can do this. It is easy, trust me I have done it. I also encourage those who have not downloaded the JustBeenPaid Calculator that you do as it is a very  beneficial in order to see how the program works and how you can grow your daily income to returns never imaginable.

As mentioned in a previous email to all my downline I am about to put in a large amount of funds into JustBeenPaid as soon as the funds clear through the recommended payment processor, which hopefully should be any day now. For those that are sceptical take a look at this… JustBeenPaid transfer.  I hope that shows you how serious I am about the JustBeenPaid program. I will be sending out a youtube video to my downline once I do this to show that I am a person who stands behind the program and believes in its potential. IT HAS BEEN WORKING FOR ME!

I invite those who want to join me on this AMAZING journey to get the FREE PDF Guide and CHANGE YOUR LIFE….. It ALREADY is CHANGING MINE!

Update: 29/7/2012 Due to some new rules regarding earnings posted as images these have been removed in order to be compliant with the JustBeenPaid Program. As mentioned previously if you wish to find out the potential of JustBeenPaid even without joining up download the JustBeenPaid Calculator to see for yourself.

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