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Morning All,

Well it is morning here it is 12:41am and I am just about to go to sleep.  However thought I would put a very quick post up about some of the large amount of emails and Skype messages I have been receiving as of late.

JustBeenPaid Team

Just the last few days I have been sent messages about  how the  JustBeenPaid program works, the best way of doing things, how to maximise the program amongst other things and what my strategies are for the program.

Upon looking to see if the member contacting me is a referral of mine it appeared that several are not and joined up under someone else within the program.

I can really understand the frustration that some members are feeling when their referrer disappears on them and is not available to ask questions to, nor give guidance on, and I acknowledge this. I personally would hate to be in your situation!

However alot of the strategies, methods and processes that has been passed onto me from my mentors are to share with my direct referrals and team only. I really wish I could share this information with you in further detail but I am unable to unless you are referred under me. If I am your sponsor I guarantee you that I will give you every bit of support that I can with the program, any questions that you may have anytime.  You have my word.

For the members who are in the program and finding it difficult to move forward, you are more than welcome to sign up under me and I will do my best to assist you in anyway I can. For those that do not wish to do that I can assure you that I will update the website with my strategies and how things are going for me over time. I am sure you will still find this valuable.

If you do not have the JustBeenPaid Step By Step PDF Guide ensure that you grab a copy to assist you in setting up the program in a simple easy to understand guide.

All the best in your JustBeenPaid Journey!

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