JustBeenPaid Referrals and You

Joining JustBeenPaid is absolutely free to join as well as the JSS-Tripler Program within JustBeenPaid.

JustBeenPaid ReferralsYour first tier of referrals within the JSS-Tripler program earn you 10% commission.

Let’s start with you as an example. You pass on your JustBeenPaid referral link to Scott, who then signs up for an account using your link.  Scott is now your first tier referral.

Let’s now say that Scott decides to put in $1000 into the program and buy 1000 JSS-Tripler Positions at $10 each. Since he has put in $1000 and 10% of $1000 is $100 you receive $100 in commission straight into your JSS-Tripler account.

So for every new JSS-Tripler position that Scott purchases at the value of $10 you will earn $1 as commission. If you have 10 referrals buying 1 JSS-Tripler position a day at $10 each you will earn $10 as an example. You can use this to repurchase JSS-Tripler positions or you can look at withdrawing the funds. The choice is up to you.

Now what happens if Scott now is excited about the JustBeenPaid program and JSS-Tripler and decides to tell his family and friends who also now join the JustBeenPaid program.

The answer is you will earn 5% for every position that the 2nd tier refers on.

So if someone under Scott purchased one position at the value of $10 you will receive 0.50 cents. So if they purchase $1000 worth of positions you will receive $50 which you could then use to purchase another 5 JSS-Tripler Positions.

Nice and easy don’t you think?

7 Responses to “JustBeenPaid Referrals and You”

  1. frenzyman says:

    hi if my referal buys a position with bonus money then i get my commission or not ???

    • admin says:

      Hi. Yes you are correct. You get 10% of any position your referral buys. If they have a referral you get 5% from that too.

  2. frenzyman says:

    but i have one referal who buy a position with his bonus money which is given by on sign bonus but i dont get the referal commission in my jss trippler account or in jss account note that i have already 5 in jss account and also in financial under Positions of Your Referrals i have one referal and Comissions Earned Thus Far is 1$ but that isnt in jss tripler so its bit confusing ???

    JSS-Tripler Account Balance: $0.00
    JSS Account Balance: $5.00

    • admin says:

      I can confirm that if your referral buys a JSS Tripler Position with the Free $10 to trial the program, you do not get the referral commission. You will however get this when they buy actual positions above and beyond this.

  3. frenzyman says:

    i see thanks for your response :) goodluck

  4. Joseph says:

    how to redeem the commissions from the Positions of your Referrals and the Positions of Your Referrals’ Referrals

    • admin says:

      These are automatically done when your referral purchases a JSS-Tripler position. You will notice in your account that you will be credited $1.00 for every position they purchased.

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