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Every so often I get asked questions relating to JustBeenPaid that I have not been able to answer, due to not knowing in depth the answers to these questions.

JustBeenPaid FAQHowever after putting these questions forward to my mentor and referrer, he has gladly answered these questions in order to make it clearer for anyone else looking at joining JustBeenPaid, or currently involved in the JustBeenPaid program.

Q.  If I utilise the free $10 how much money can i expect to earn once it cycles? and can I withdraw the funds that this program has made (even utilising the free $10)?
A. Each $10 Tripler purchase will return all members $15 over 81 days. The free $10 loan gets automatically paid back after 45 days, so the first free position earns the member $5 at the end of 81 days.

Q. What is the cycle period? I have heard 75 / 90 days… which is it?
A. 81 days is the live of a JSS-Tripler

Q. So I have put in $1000 into JustBeenPaid and compounding every day. What happens to the positions that cycle at the end of the 81 days if I do not upgrade my account to Level 1.  Do I need to upgrade my account?
A. At the end of 81 days your Triplers simply expire having return you $15 over that time. If you don’t upgrade to level 1, you miss out on the free JSS (Matrix) position for every 4 expiring Triplers. And a change to earn $60 when this cycles.

Q. If I upgrade the account, what happens to the positions? I understand they go to a matrix. What is the matrix?
A. Read the tutorials and FAQ on JSS (Just Been paid Synergy Surf) this is the matrix program.
Q. I am confused even watching the videos. So technically my 4 JSS Tripler positions (Worth $40) become a $60 position? But the matrix needs to be full for this to happen am I right?
A. Yes, and yes. We are advised to spend up to $20 per matrix to make it cycle faster but this is optional.

Q. When can I pull money from the program? Do i pull money from the JSS Tripler Program, or from the JBP Matrix Program?
A. Either, you can use your daily Tripler earnings to withdraw ($20) minimum and you can withdraw funds after your matrix cycle. Most people will compound for many months before starting to withdraw on a weekly or even daily basis.

Q. All the additional costs to upgrade matrix, and upgrade to Level 1, where does this come from? is this taken out of your JBP account?
A. JustBeenPaid has two accounts, JSS-Tripler and JSS.

The cost to upgrade to level 1 and the Placement and Premium upgrades to matrices come from your JSS account, the daily Tripler purchases come from your JSS-Tripler account.

Q. I understand the program is called JSS Tripler.. do I actually triple my money? because 2% per day over 81 days is not triple (162%) if you take away the weekend rates it is closer to 140%.
A. Yes you do if you participate in both JSS-Tripler and JSS – See the FAQ on this.

Q.  Where is the big money earnt? from the JSS-Tripler or from the Matrix Program?

A. Four forms of income (currently, more to be added soon)
1. Tripler purchases
2. Level 1 ( and soon to be level 2 upgrades)
3. Placement and Premium upgrades for JSS Matrix positions
4. Payment processor withdrawal fees
5. Advertising Module which has just been released (JSS Traffic Exchange)

Q . The restart – in your experience how often does this happen?
A. There have only been 3 restarts in 16 months, I have only been through one.

Q. What actually happens in a restart? I know the system converts JSS Tripler positions into JSS Positions quicker. does this mean I actually lose money?
A. You never lose money, it just gets transferred. Our daily Tripler income may be reduced, but we pick it up when our JSS matrix positions eventually cycle.

Q. Is there a possibility that I may need to put more money into this program before I can pull any out?
A. Never.

I hope this clears up some of the above questions or thoughts that you may have.

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