JSS-Matrix Explained

JSS-Matrix What is it?

I have had a few people lately ask me what is the Just Been Paid Matrix. When does it occur? What do I need to do to my account when this happens?

Some useful information regarding the Just Been Paid Matrix (JSS-Matrix) is below:

The following are explanations of common terms used when referring to JSS-Tripler and JSS-Matrix positions…

Expired JSS-Tripler Position: JSS-Tripler positions have a lifespan of 75-81 days and then they expire. When 4 (four) of them expire, they are converted to 1 (one) JSS-Matrix position. Expired JSS-Matrix positions do NOT continue earning daily.

Daily Tripler Feed: This is a daily feed, that when 4 (four) JSS-Tripler positions expire they are converted into 1 (one) JSS-Matrix position (these do not have to expire at the same time, for example, if 3 triplers expire today, they will remain as pending in a queue until a 4th tripler expires, which could be the next day, several days later or several weeks later, depending on when YOU purchased your JSS-Tripler positions, then the 4 together will be converted). These new JSS-Matrix positions are then allocated to matrixes within the system. Typically, 50% of your JSS-Matrix positions will fall into your own existing matrixes and 50% will randomly fall into other members (this helps to make the process fair and balanced for all members, regardless of when they joined JBP).

JSS-Matrix Position: A JSS-Matrix position is a 2 x 2 matrix which is comprised of Level 1 & Level 2. This matrix is made up of 6 spots. When a matrix cycles, you earn a rebate of $60.

Cycles: Is a term used to explain when a JSS-Matrix position has all of its 6 spots filled and then pays its owner/member a $60 rebate (after it cycles).

Placement: A placement is a mechanism created to fill a spot faster than the natural process. A placement costs $5 and can be purchased when a spot has a Buy Placement link available.

Expedited: An expedited is the first level of placement upgrade, which costs $2.50. You can only purchase this level after you have purchased a placement in your spot.

Premium: (Recommended) A premium is the second level of placement upgrade which costs $5.00. You can buy a premium upgrade immediately after a placement purchase. You can also buy an expedited upgrade and then upgrade it to premium each at a cost of $2.50 or a total of $5.

The JSS Matrix Diagram

The following diagrams illustrate how a matrix is created, what and where Level 1, Level 2 and spots 1 to 6 are and how JSS-Tripler positions are converted into a JSS-Matrix position…

Just Been Paid Matrix

The JSS-Matrix position is a 2×2 matrix, which consists of 2 spots in Level 1 and 4 spots in Level 2. You are located above Level 1 as shown in the diagram. When ALL 6 spots are filled, YOU, the owner of the matrix will receive $60 in earnings.

How fast a matrix cycles depends on your strategy and personal efforts.



Just Been Paid MatrixJSS-Matrix

It takes 4 (four) expired JSS-Tripler positions to create 1 (one) free JSS-Matrix position. One JSS-Matrix position is worth $60 when it cycles

  • To receive your FREE JSS-Matrix positions automatically from your expiring JSS-Tripler positions (4 expired Triplers will give you 1 Matrix), you are required to Upgrade/Renew your JustBeenPaid! membership to Level 1 (only $15 every 3 months). – This should be done BEFORE your first position is due to expire.
  • Usually, we do not encourage spending more than $20-$30 per matrix, when buying placements and premium upgrades, as this will reduce your profit margin… However, there are certain matrixes that we do encourage spending up to $40 on, which actually increase your profit – See Matrixes Explained Further for more details.
  • If one of your matrixes is inactive for 30 days after you receive it, the system will automatically give you a Placement Loan of $5 or $10, and use that loan to buy 1 or 2 placements for you, which will then be deducted from your $60 rebate when your matrix cycles, paying you a rebate of $55 or $50 to offset the placement loan.
  • It is advisable to buy JSS-Tripler positions as often as you can, because when your JSS-Tripler positions expire (after 75-81 days), they will help fill your matrixes faster, enabling them to cycle faster, paying you $60 rebates sooner.
  • If your JSS-Tripler-generated JSS-Matrix positions fill a placement in one of your matrixes, that you’ve already purchased previously, the system will give you a $5 refund. AND, when one of your referrals JSS-Tripler-generated JSS-Matrix positions fills one of YOUR placements, you will ALSO get a $5 refund. So any one placement will never be paid for twice.

Further information on the JSS Matrix can be found here .

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